About me

I am a full-time doctoral researcher at the writing-up stage at Falmouth University and am currently working on my final submission. My current research interests include mindfulness, digital well-being, ethics, speculative design, consumer economics, and storytelling. I plan to graduate in Spring/Summer 2023. You can explore my research profile here. I also work as a Project Administrator and Study Skills (Digital) Coordinator at the University of Exeter, where I support colleagues to accomplish their research goals as well as students with digital study skills, design visual comms, consult with User Interface and User Experience challenges and provide solutions. 

Besides my scholarly pursuits, I paint, take photos on my film camera, and work on freelance commissions. I currently rediscovered a joy of watercolour illustration and am working on a series of watercolours. I also am a mum. I currently live with my daughter Anika Smiltė in South West, UK, surrounded by a beautiful coastline and lots of palms. That’s why motherhood and tropical landscape are also big inspirations of my current creative work. My future aspirations are to continue my research career in a post-doctoral position, teach, attend child-friendly designer residencies, publish a graphic novel, and illustrate a culinary book using watercolour drawings.  

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