Don't get carried away!

Birds is a brand-new mindfulness app from Joskaudė Pakalkaitė, designed to help users reduce mindless interactions.

We all know how easy it is to get carried away on our devices. What we intend to be a quick 10-minute break to browse social media soon becomes an hour of mindless scrolling. It’s difficult to keep track of time when we are preoccupied.

Setting timers manually whenever you use your phone is unrealistic, and besides, when your screen- time is rudely interrupted by a blaring alarm, it's easy enough to simply hit snooze and carry on.

With Birds, users can program their own screen-time limits both for individual websites such as Twitter and YouTube, and for general phone usage, which remain in place for all future sessions without having to set anything up after the initial install.

Birds works by gently reminding users of their screen-time limits with a series of calming and natural animations of birds flying across the screen. This happens in up to four stages, starting with one bird and finishing with a whole flock flying across the screen.

When the timer has elapsed, either the specific app or website is locked for a pre-determined length of time, or the device itself is locked (phone calls and EMS features remain unaffected) to physically restrict users from ignoring their time limits.

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