Vilnius-born award-winning multidisciplinary designer, who is currently working as Doctoral Researcher on the development of the interface design project at Falmouth University.  Currently based in Cornwall. Her academic background is BA Graphic Design from Central St Martin's College of Art and Design and MA Communication Design from Norwich University of Arts. After graduation,  she realised that her design practice really immersed from research itself and this motivated Yoshi to apply for PhD study at Falmouth University.  Awarded with a prestigious Doctoral Studentship in 2018. Recently, successfully completed a first research assignment at University of Exeter as Research Fellow. Currently, working on a development of P2PStudio app in a collaboration with fellow Research student. 

My current PhD title is 'Development of noise-free digital interfaces to benefit large IT companies'. My doctoral research project is an exploration of noise mitigation within digital interfaces, which adapts 'Research Through Design' approach. This project aims to develop touch-rich human-computer interactions that foster mindful and intentional use of IT tools, explore how the concepts of mindfulness could be applied within tech tools to enhance one’s attentiveness and design healthier ways to use digital media for consumers.

As a researcher and designer, I am fascinated by the practice and discourse around the themes of design, technology and emotional wellbeing. In addition to this, my further research interests are the future development of noise-free digital interfaces as well as design for emotions, mental health and wellbeing. 

Painting practice

Apart from her design practice, Yoshi explores painting, printmaking, freehand typography and illustration. Recently, exhibited at Lithuanian Women Painters' Exhibition 'She is Free' in Vilnius and contributed with her writing about painting practice to the book about 100 top Lithuanian painters. In 2017,  debuted as an emerging painter in one of prestigious Baltic painting competitions 'Young Painter's Prize 2017', where she was selected as one of the finalists. 

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